Beautiful silk garland, headband


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These silk garlands are both beautiful and sustainable, and can be used for dress-up games. They are now made of attractive blended fabrics.

The stretchy elastic headband can fit comfortably on most heads (18″-28″), wrapped in soft, 100% real silk.

Finished with a satin rose and four flowing ribbons, children will have fun wearing these garlands on their head, around their waist or in combination with their favorite dress-up play!

Each silk garland is hand-painted and/or silk-screened by hand.

  • SIZE : Measures 18-28 inches
  • MATERIAL : 100% silk with non-toxic and sustainable dyes.
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

Blossom, Desert, Forest, Rainbow, Starry Night


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